Take me away,

Where there are no more tears to cry.

Take me away,

Where there is always a blue sky.


Fill me with your delight,

Love me with all your might,

Open my heart, to let love in,

Let me not flounder in covetous sin.

Help me to rise above my place,

And in your eyes, may I never be a disgrace.

Keep me on solid ground,

And keep my mind thinking ever sound.

Let me be a better person,

And always improve upon this version.

Let not the weights of life pull me down,

But forever see that for me you have a crown.

Fill my heart with grace so pure,

Let me rely on you, your love secures.

Shine my eyes upon the cross,

Bow my knee to your son's cost.

You have restored me,

A parent never leaves a child be.

Your every word hangs within my ears,

Showing the path, you have made clear.

And nothing in life, shall I fear.

You have filled my soul,

Your sustaining water overflows,

I shall not let if fall to the floor,

But cherish it  in my heart forever more.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

trying to rise above the fog and see the light.

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