I've drifted over and across many lines...

Between Black and White judgements to matters that are


Between views of diplomacy,

     Republican and Democratic.

Between sex and gender,

     Heterosexual and homosexual.

I've lived as a non-functioning woman,

     Baren and Sterile,

     Who got sick at the site of her own blood.

Then was thrust in that woman's domain,

     Questioning that heinous lump in the Breast,

     Wondering was it really cancer.

Could I allow radiation,

     Males touching me, again?

     As they pour the cast,

     To feel vulnerable in exposure?

I've lived in that marginalization,

     Where people called me "Sir".

     Then get confused as I went into the women's restroom.

I found myself getting lost in other people's confusion...

Consistency in how I was viewed,

A gift not rendered to me.

But then, an old man with a cane spoke:

"Thank-you, young man."

And all I did, was open the door for him.

It donned on me then,

Male or female,

Republican or Democrat,

Conservative or open minded,

I was a young man...


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