It has taken some time,

But now I can see clearly

Why others pull away from me.

They are taken aback

By my old world ways

Of genteel qualities

In this "Who gives a RAP?" World.

When I've looked at you,

I didn't get lost in the distractions.

I saw past physical blemish's,

Beyond the coping mechanisms

You sat like traps for others to get stuck in.

I felt my way under your skin,

In an all to soft a way,

That never lets you know

Just how far I had reached in to touch you---

The sensation hits you too late,

Not until my fingers caress lovingly around your heart.

This process had always been slow, safe, secure...

But because you didn't see me coming,

Now, you tend to feel threatened.

You've known that I've always loved football.

I've relished football tacklers

Who could really stick a quarterback...

Now, I'm not wondering if this is how you have felt,

Under my emotional skin...

Possesed and defeated.

But I've never been there to shout down your throat,

"Bitch, who's your Daddy now?"

Let alone, I've never tried to PORTRAY ANYTHING,

I've done as a victory,

Or shove anything in your face.

If anything,

I've eased into your heart like honey.

Slow, warm and sticky.

For every lunge you've made,

I covered you in warmth.

If anything,

I am a Connoiseur of your soul.

My love feels through your heart,

Consumes you like a fine wine,

Takes the essence of who you are,

Like marrow from the bone,

And makes a solitary thought of you,

A communion at God's table.

Where in that moment I know you,

I know in certain terms I am blessed.

And eating you, is taking in that consecration,

Of giving your creator,

The "Thanks" that is so richly deserved.


And I've been called an "intimacy junkie".

But don't exchange psychobabble

For a momentary concept of security.

If by your labeling me you put distance between us,

Appearing as if you've achieved your space,

Don't say, "YOU broke down my walls!"--

When you find me in your heart the next time.

I will not have broken down your boundaries,

Because I am loyal, devoted, and true.

When I am within you,

I am only taking nectar from the garden of you,

And I leave much for others to share.

True joys are meant to be shared,

Why else would God create anyone?

What you will experience in me,

Is more than a possible girlfriend,

I am an angel,

And God's kind of love,

Has always loved hard.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Thinking out loud....moments I had a long time ago, but seem to always be pertinent, where ever I go, whom ever I am with.

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