Why are you up my ass!!!!

And why must you breath in my face!!!!

Jitter Bug!

Take that wet ball and shove it!

Get off the TV tuner you damned dog!

Every hour on the hour,

I say these things and why?

Because I am laying on the bed,

Watching TV, and they are cuddled up next to me.

Every commercial,

They get stroked,


Jobie lays like a doll in my arms,

And Bug lies still, but is always on alert....

"Where's it at?"

And when the commercial ends,

They are in my face,

Wanting more love.

They are rooting like pigs,

Trying to get under the covers,

To be close and be warm with their Mama.

So I figured, if I watch 4 to 6 hours of TV a day,

That is and hour to an hour and a half,

Of loving caresses, hugs and kisses I ravish on them.

And all they want,

Is more of the good stuff!!!

They get rawhides and toys,

Treats and tennis balls...

You have no idea how spoiled they are,

Or how much love they get....

Fifteen minutes of every hour....

Author's Notes/Comments: 

If one is sick, the terror of my critters is immense.  They don't understand when I want to puke when I smell their breath--and it's just because I'm sick.  They don't understand what it means to "needing ones own space,"  and I catch myself yelling at them as if they ever understand.  Do you know what I mean?

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