She amazes me...

In the simplest of things.

The way she can bring a smile to our grandson's face,

The way she can stop the hurt with a kiss,

The way she can smile, as if to let you know,

    She knows something you don't,

    Yet you can bet it'll be an onery schtick,

    Where she'll get the best of you.

It's in the mornings,

When I watch her fingers,

Lather up a cloth to wash her face...

Her fingers dance, move in sensual rythms...and...

I become entranced.

Like I've never seen her do this before.

It's like every day is a new day,

Even though we're moving through the same motions.

I see the glints in her eyes when she smiles,

As she bats them, then looks away and tries to ACT coy,

But it's pure ONERINESS, and we laugh.

She isn't coy, she isn't seductive or sultry,

But it's in that non overtness that makes her fun and sexy.

Still, it's not like she couldn't be eye candy,

She can, and if she chose to,

She could bring you to your knees.

I see how I fall for her,

It's all in her walk,


Why should she waste energy on anything else?

I know I'm falling for her,

All over again...

I absolutely know it.

Because I can't wait to see the sun on her face,

When she takes a dry cloth to sop the sweat from her brow.

And I can't seem to control myself,

But I can't wait to hear,

"Girl, get your hands up off me,

It's to hot to fuck!"

And I'll not have any frisky business on in mind,

I just want to get a rise out of her like bread.

It's how she talks, It's what is said between the lines,

And it's that softness in her smile that can take the sting,

Out of normally harsh words.

I know I'm falling,

When I think of all the ways I want to spend with her,

But can't.

Our grandkids, my group meetings, and everything else

Keep us so busy, that finding time to say,

"I love you" escapes our minds more often than not.

And with both of us with an even shorter memory than most,

Finding a way to be loving,

Makes things even more difficult.

But I've been waiting,

Chewing on my nails,

Just to get to this page to write,

To explode onto paper what I have inside.

I love her,

For the way she makes me laugh,

For her protection,

For her little demon like ways

That drive me insane, yet she keeps me coming back for more.

I love her eyes, her skin, her fingers,

The way she cooks a meal and demolishes a kitchen,

But can rupture your tastebuds with delight.

I yearn for her,

To be held by her...

Sometimes, asking for things isn't easy,

When there is so much demand on her, on me, on us...

But I tie myself close to her,

When I see her fingers dance,

Or see her eyes shine,

Or hear her laugh.

If memories could be frozen,

Then the North Pole wouldn't have anything on me.

I have volumes and stacks,

Of her words, her whispers, of her rants and rages.

Of her looks, her touch, the taste of her kiss.

And it will be with me,

Forever through the ages...

One could never forget...A WOMAN LIKE HER

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'm falling for you, I'm seeing things daily, things I want to buy you, or things I want to do just to make you laugh.  I know I'm falling for you when I just want to make your life live a little easier, even if it's making you pudding at two o'clock in the morning, or playing cards at six am.  It's all in my heart.  I love you.

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