I can't believe it,

I am dumbfounded by her verses and lines,

Of all the things she can write,

And not remember "LIFE".

She lost her aunt,

And yet has nothing to say.

She wants to beat a drum,


I only knew her for a short while,

I've known her family for even less,

But what I knew about her Aunt,

Was cause to celebrate her life in the least,

And a breathe a sigh of relief that she suffers no more.

Her charm, her laughter,

Her scrunched up eyes that highlighted that grin.

She fished, and wasted nothing.

Her Aunt never had much money,

BUT, that didn't effect her---

She truely lived knowing money was only a tool.

Her home must have been a nightmare to go through,

Finding useful purpose in what most of us just throw away.

For not having money,

She had mountains and mountains of things.

Her love for the Lord was deeper than I'm sure she'd let on,

Just because her relationship with God,


Both she and her sister, knew TRUTH,

They perked it,

They distilled it,

They swallowed it up and ate it.

They were sages before their times,

And wasted on many deaf ears...

Especially on a neice who'd rather bang a noisy drum,

Banging and Banging on it like a gong,

Never letting the essence of anything flow into her.

And the sad part is, the neice will never know,

What a treasure, or tradition she had in her

Mother or her Aunt.

"A lady is a lady no matter where she is,"--

This is quoted from the neice, my ex,

Who thinks she is a Southern Belle of a lady,

Full of manners and grace...

She may sway like the breeze,

Blowing past moss on cypress trees,

But she is hollow, empty and void

Of all that her Mother and Aunt stood for.

Genteelness gets you only so far,

Grace and manners are only rouge and lipstick cover-ups.

But without Virtue and Honor,

There is no substance or value in a person.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My ex,L,astounds me by her lack of compassion, by her lack of feeling anything.  It's almost as if she feels nothing for no ones loss, except the losses she, herself goes through.  This aunt was her favorite aunt, and she can't say one good thing about her.  She hasn't wrote one stinking word, and this is coming from someone who has wrote volumes and folders full of poetry.  Bye, "Smurphy", rest easy, and I hope the fish are biting in heaven.

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