June 1st 2004

At this crossroads--

I am aware of this juncture...

Of where I am at,

With an old ex in the wings,

A male friend wanting to be more,

And a woman I am waiting patiently for,

And a trans-sexual, I am just kicking it with for movies.

My old female ex,

I had been abused by,

(And it does take two to fight.

But a large part of that was in drugs and alcohol.)

She is now, and has been clean and sober for a while.

She knew my latest ex--

And they saw each other at church.

My last ex, did pot and drank also--

But all people have the capacity to change.

My older female lover--

She and I share grandchildren together.

She and I have resolution.

She and I have made it to be friends.

My last ex,

I cannot and will not speak badly of her anymore.

She is who she is,

And that will be apparent to all.

I know so much about her past,

Via my oldest ex...

It's a small world.

But at this cross roads,

I can sit objectively,

Work on me and my problems...

So that in a year and a half,

I can be with the woman I am waiting for.

And be well.

Let my ex's think what they want

About me,

About each other...

But I know that people can change,

And actually hope the best for each of them.

And as for the man who is sweet on me,

Who has cooked for me,

Who has mowed my yard,

And is looking to fix my window,

He inspires me to endure everything...

Because he has lived through the worst nightmares I know.

He is a true friend...

And I need all the friends I can get.

But for now,

At this crossroads,

That is what it is,

And I don't have to detour anywhere I do not want to go.

Just because many opportunities are there,

It does not mean they are roads I have to take.

A year ago,

I could never have seen this unfolding of my life,

Truths exposed,

The Grace of God, given.

And Love coming from Forgiveness in the hardest of places.

God leaves no stone unturned,

And has the power to move all people,

Blessed be.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this a long time ago, and still thought it pertinent to my overall work.

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