Forgive me Lord!

Forgive me because I look!

Forgive me because my flesh is weak!

Forgive me….I cannot seem to stop the compulsion

    That has taken over my life for nine months.

Forgive me for the wants and desires,

    To find the negative I seek.

Lord, please let me seek you,

Instead of analyzing my past.

If possible, when I do look in my past,

In the fit of my compulsiveness,

May I only find wonderful things.

Things that can only be defined in YOUR GLORY.

That though ill happens,

YOU make all things well.

Help me to daily turn my life over to you,

And when I think I can just pick things up and go on MY WAY,

Guide me with a stern hand

(As it seems the only way out of my stubbornness)

To bring my crying face to your eyes.

You have held me for a long time,

Help me to walk towards your vision for my life,

Help me to find the Faith you have in me,

To find it for myself.

So that you will not have to hound me for what I know is right.

And that you will have more miracles to give others.

Lord, I gave my life to you, so long ago,

And I got hurt, beat up with the Bible, in YOUR name.

Help me to heal, to forgive, and to live,

Knowing you have never let me go.

And that my Christian birth date doesn’t matter,

It just matters that I love you, seek you, and want and adore you.

Praise be to you, Glory and Honor to you always.

May all that I touch be for your Glory, and your sake…

In all the ways that Christ taught us to love and pray,

To ask always, in Jesus name, Amen

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