I thought I would be lost,

I thought that I would not be able to

survive the loss of "us",

I thought I knew what parting from you would be like.


All my assumptions and assertions were unfounded,

All my fears were for naught.

In December,

You will move away...

It is not in spite of me,

Or the rejection of me,

Or for another.

It is not for anything more,

Than that you are needed elsewhere.

Our children need you,

And I need "my old world" back.

The choices I have made, and are making still,

They are not the choices that can hold us together.

You are woman who will never be comfortable in any spotlight,

And you are not wanting to be an "example" to anyone.

Because even you are seeking a role model.

And I am not seeking something the flesh can provide.

My role model is not here on this Earth,

But resides in the hearts of most men.

I seek the Lord for my Peace,

And you are seeking Peace through structure and isolation.

Our goals are different,

Our lives are growing farther apart.

Yet, I do not want you to change for me,

And I must not deter my eyes from the Lord to change for you,

However, we have no middle ground.

I am not angry,

And I'm glad to see that you are not either.

But, we wish eachother well.

And this, above all, is a good thing...

And I am glad to see you and I smiling,

And still, we will keep on loving each other.

I do not know what or where the Lord will lead me,

In the next few months.

But, where-ever it is I must go.

Thank-you for loving me,

And I will always cherish and love you.

It isn't like we won't see eachother,


This will always tie us together,


I will dance at your wedding someday,

And you at mine...

We've come so far,

Once hating eachother,

To ultimately learning to love one another again,

A SECOND TIME, in a healthy way.

We stopped the violence,

We turned it around,

But it's just not for us,

We are changing and growing still,

This relationship together will not work for us...

We are better as,

More than friends,

Less than lovers,

But sisters...always and in all-ways.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

EWB, I'll be seeing you sooner rather than later, BIG PAPA.

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