I feel like a pig,

With a tube jammed down my throat,

Being forced to swallow,

Crap I don't want.

The relationship is over,

It has been for a while,

But they come out of the wood work,

And greet me with smiles.

Did you hear about your ex?

I met her back when,

And I couldn't believe my ears,

When she said....

I have had my conference,

My current lover who used to do drugs with her,

A friend that was mutually fond of my ex,

But now is in my presence most days.

We sat around a table and pieced my ex's life together...

Where she'd been, what she'd said,

And extract words that she wrote in an old diary.

We each knew a piece of a larger puzzle called chaos.

And now, she still sends me mail,

Saying, "I'm a Reverend, and have a doctorate in Philosophy."

I'm not mad, just so tired of it all.

Ready to go to the authority's and expose her for fraud,

Or something, anything.

Baring false witness isn't Godly,

And she claims to be a Black, Jewish, Republican from Texas!

I just want people to shut up about her,

I'm sick of hearing about what she told them about me.

I want to say,

"Sure, if you believe it, go ahead, all of it is true."

You can't get beat over the head with a stick,

If you personally take it out of the hands of your tormentor,

And beat yourself with the same stick.

Witness's see it as illogical, and unhealthy...

And if those last two are true about you,

You wouldn't beat up yourself.

Concluding that the premise of heresay would be incorrect.


All I can say is...

I will be here, today and tomorrow,

I CAN live with myself.

I fear not my past or my future.

And I refuse to get caught up in the hair-ball

Of rumor, deceit, and heresay about her, about me, about us.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

People keep telling me about you Lynn, the words in your diary were more than enough....all you want is a stink.  There's many people in Newton who've come out to tell me all about you, and I've heard enough.  I loved you, it's over, no regrets, no sorrows that it ever came or went.  I'm sorry you can't feel the same way.  I wish you no harm...and good luck.  Good bye.  However, your mother and Aunt Flossie were wonderful people and I will not stop seeing them if I choose to.

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