I can wait forever--

God knows I've been through enough,

To appreciate "all" of who she is,

In all-ways, and always.

She is in wait of another,

But the strains of physical mail will be long,

And she has said to me that word which we both dare not say.

During the next few months,

She will be trying,

    To find a home,

    To find stability,

    To seek sober and honest friends.

Her life will be topsy-turvey,

We both can see the struggles coming.

So, I must remember that any hurtful comments she makes,

Only comes from the stress.

In the recess's of her mind,

She knows that her relationship through the mail,

Will not survive until next October...

If it is then that they can be together.

It may be another eight months after that,

That she'll have to wait.

She will have nothing to tie her here in November...

    Not me,

    Not her family,

    Not anything.

Oh, I want her happy,

And pray that she always stays that way,

But she is loving, caring, and as a mother,

Cannot stray far from her cubs.

My mind rests easy knowing she will not stay away for long.

I do not want her heart,

If it means that she has to stay caged up,

In the directive of a conventional relationship.

We are not connected at the hip and the lip!

But if she will only be but a bird,

That will rest on my shoulder when she is weary,

Drink from my hand when she is thirsty,

And sing me a song or two during her visit,

Then I am a rich man.

She has already said the words...

I cannot say anymore.

They scare her,

But one day they will not.

For now, even though neither of us acknowledge it,

There is a meaning far deeper than words between us.

And it is okay to just be.

My security is knowing that she chooses me.

My security is knowing that she shares my bed at night,

    Spooning, laughing, and watching TV.

My security is knowing that I can tell her anything.

She is a private person,

   And I need not worry about what she speaks to others.

She is a quiet woman,

   With a genuine heart, and has a unique personality.

She is not a person to know, but an experience to be had,

   She is well worth the wait.

Yes, I can wait forever...

She isn't going anywhere...

And if I'm patient, she'll always have a home with me...

As long as I never lock the door behind her.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Evelyn, sometimes, I never know what to say, do or think.  I know that we've had a train wreck past, but I was always in the know of who you really were...and that is all I see now...the part I fell in love with.  I do not want to consume you, or be consumed by you.  You are my friend first, and foremost, and I CAN WAIT, if it means that you will be there with me too.  I just have to remember that I always have had a big heart, and maybe, you need that more than anything. I won't say the word--BIG PAPA!

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