I have searched high and low,

You have had music boxes and cards,

Candles and bubble bath,

Music and flowers...

But my love for you is beyond the ribbon,

It lies deep in my heart, so far under the wrap.

It lives long, and doesn't fall apart like withered roses.

Bubbles go down a drain,

And there is so much more music to be made.

You wanted a cat,

But that offers more work and more chores.

I thought about love birds, singing,

Representing you and me,

But that is just absurd.

If one bird died, the other would follow suit,

I'd want you to go on, if we couldn't stay together.

True lovebirds mate for life, I'd want you to ALWAYS be happy.

When you see me smile,

   "You're Special"

When I give you a hug,

   "Be mine"

When I kiss you,

   "I love you"

When I make love to you,

   I'm "Forever Yours"

And when I'm not so close to you,

Or when we fight,

   I still send "Hugs and Kisses"

And never forget, no matter what happens,

   And I'll always be your "Lover".

Maybe one day, won't be just another sucker,

I'll Charm you away to Greece,

I'll be able to offer you more than mere confectioner's,

But give you real eye-candy.

But for right now,

Sleep on pillows of Cotton Candy,

Keep your sense of humor with Laughy Taffy,

I'll never Rollo' on you.

I'll try not to be a Milk Dud, but a Sugar Daddy,

I'm so into you for more than just your Kit Kat,

Don't Snicker,

There is a Symphony to be heard.

I'm not here to Skittle around, I'm on the real.

If I can't be with you, I'll Krackel up.

And if your still not convinced, and think I'm from Mars,

Talk to Mr. Goodbar, about Watchamacallit.

I love you Baby, Ruth was just a bad dream.

You are the real Skor.

I want to take you on a shopping Spree,

And venture with you forever in this

Milky Way.

I've gave up some of my dreams, like being a 3 Musketeer,

And instead, I've got new dreams,

I want to be your Sweet-Tart.

Heath reminds me I'm not made of money,

I got mad and threw some Moon Rocks, but,

Now and Later,

I want to give you Mounds and Mounds of things,

You are Al-mo'Joy.

I hope you'll be my Valentine,

Even though I'm just a church boy Nerd with Butterfingers.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Baby, every time you go to the store, I want you to eat me up, and remember that I love you.  BIG PAPA.

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