Paint smears like mud,

Pigment oozing through my blood,

The seeping current flowing from my mind,

Like lava from a volcano,

Spreading like tentacles from the earths core.

I drive for long periods at a time,

Never having a destination in mind,

Aimlessly, I look on the horizen,

Wondering where the Hell I'm going,

Or just where the Hell I've been...

I must drive...for the sake of driving.

It all rushes in...

I'm a Midnight Disease Runaway,

My outlook is never hazed,

I'm always aware of the role this disease plays.

I just wish I didn't have it as a career

Before I started the day!

Hypergraphia--it's so unreal,

How I write endless lines and numbers,

That wrap me up like bars of a cage that:

SURROUNDS my soul.


Author's Notes/Comments: 

This illness has been a part of the Mental Illness world for years, it has just come under new scrutiny.  Do I believe I have it?  At times it gets really hard to differentiate being just manic, and driven beyond mad.

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