You said that when we've been wronged,

When the Almighty Creator

Allows just desserts to be given,

He will see to it, that you are there,

To witness.

And you will have closure.

You and I beat eachother verbally,

You were into drugs,

And I judged you so harshly,

We neither could move within the relationship.

You couldn't deal, and ran more to the drugs,

I couldn't cope and tried to run away,

Leaving your children in state custody.

It has been a very bumpy road.

But it is four years later, and you are sober.

You love another, but we share a moment,

Now and then.

I just left a hospital,

Where you let me lean on you so much for support.

When I came home, when you said you'd be there,

You were gone.

Today, I got a snapshot,

Just a word within earshot.

The one who wronged me,

Is demolished in her own pain,

The pain she creates.

You are drugging again,

I think it so odd,

That you came into my life,

To heal my heart for the damage you caused me.

I hope I helped heal you too.

But I got the bigger part of your wisdom,

I know the one who wronged me,

Is on a death wish, like a moth to flame.

You haven't been here to see it..."MY FRIEND".

It's been several days, I don't know where you are,

And this is the first time you've disappeared,

In the year that you've been sober.

If I stressed you out that much,

I do not want to be a part of your life.

I love you enough to want you to stay clean and sober.

I love you enough to stay away, so you can have the space

    That gives you sanity.

I love you enough to wait until you are stronger.

And if you need a person to talk to,

I have made so much progress in the last week,

I understand why you do what you do.

I do not judge you anymore, not like in the days of old.

I'm here, I'm waiting,

To tell you that you are not a failure,

That you are not a bad person because you made a mistake.

Your life has not ended, and the sky is not falling.

I won't say "I LOVE YOU" anymore,

Not in that way, if it causes you diress.

I want you with your lover, and she wants you.

She is your life, your long time companion.

Be in the present,

Don't think too much,

And feeling things doesn't mean you have to act.

Just feel the emotion, and go on anyway,

Knowing it will pass or just be a present feeling in your day.

Be at peace, and find joy,


Author's Notes/Comments: 

To Evelyn B.  I apologize for thinking that you were drugging again. You had told me that if you ever went into the city, you'd end up using.  It is wonderful to see you are stronger.  I am so very proud of you.  You went with Michelle, a person with whom you made many drug runs into some of the scariest parts of town.  I truly see that you have your eyes on the prize and you have a goal within.

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