I worked at a job,

As she stood nearby,

Neither of us,

Listening to the songlines.

Distracted by relationships,

And the buzzing machinery,

Both of us moved on.

She to the military,

And I to get that American Dream.

She got a real boost,

In a Private’s suit.

But got more than she bargained for,

Upon her return,

At the hands of a lover,

Who did her wrong.

I-I- had sold myself short, to heed my goals.

for a dream….created in naieve-ite

And still, I felt honored, that God put a maniac in my hands…

My old ex nearly killed me and I could have done worse

    Than this new lass.

Yet, we walked by eachother at the library,

Probably a thousand times….

Never sitting still….still enough to hear the songlines.

Finally, I gave in, no more maniacs…

No more love, just no more….

She, alone, vulnerable, pregnant,

Kicked out of her home by a so called man.

Called it quits, it hurt too much to dream,

To be content, and have peace.

Martin Luther King day,

came and went,

Neither of us still enough,

To hear the songlines.

Then one day,

I broke down,

No longer mad at God,

Just glad to get myself out,

Of that whole thing,

That “dating game”.

She walked out the library,

After making a Freudian slip,

Something she was so unaware she’d made.

But I heard, a distant voice….

After all these times...

When I thought I had looked, but didn’t really see,

Was she the one God had for me?

Funny, I grinned, I had said that same line,

In a joke, long ago, told to  an old friend.

“The day I give up, I’ll look up and she’ll be there.”

Sure enough, she always had been.

And the songlines said,

No harm in talk,

And in an hour, I think I knew.


Oh, God yes.

At first, my lips uttered prayer,

If it was to be, it would be.

Of all the fate,

Game night was cancelled,

And I returned home.

In the deep of the night,

When all was still,

I heard the songlines call.

I rose from my chair,

thoughts raced, and I could not replace,

her face, looking deep into my mind.

Two weeks later, God made her mine.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This poem was wrote long around March of 2003.  I just happened to find it while cleaning out some diskettes.

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