You really weren’t there,

All my life.

Some man stood in that shadow.

He tried to love me,

In his own way,

His own time and pace.

I won’t say it wasn’t good enough,

There was just cohabitation with him.

Oh, I know he loved me from afar,

And I give him that credit.

But being loved from afar,

Leaves hollow empty memories.


You took my mother in—

Knowing just how co-dependant she can be.

You let her run,

Let her roam,

Let her explore her freedom.

Marriage can often feel like one is tethered.

She must have been the baseball,

Babe Ruth smacked out of the park.

She in turn,

Has now taken you in—

Into her heart,

Into the deep spaces she thought she’d never find love again,

Let alone peace.

She dotes on you,

She cares for you,

Loving you, makes her happy.

You have been there for all of us kids.

With your own,

There are some struggles.

Everything comes in circles,

Not just one wave of despair after another.

There is doubt and hope.

There is distance, and there is closeness.

I must admit,

It has to have been a rough ride for you at times.

Knowing the past is gone,

And all you have is right now, this moment.

I cannot image some of your fears,

Of not being able to get all your “business” done.

But I’ve watched you.

You are a strong man,

But a gentle giant.

You are soft spoken,

But we all know the robust of your laughter.

We know your smile,

And we relish in your kindness.

For all the times I’ve never taken the time to say the words,


You’ve taught me so much by living in example.

I know that if at anytime,

I could rely on you.

However, time is getting shorter,

Abilities are getting more limited,

But that does not matter.

I know you would give your left arm for me.

I am not your seed,

But I am proud to call you…


Have a Happy Father’s Day!

With Much Love--Your Gemini Daughter

Author's Notes/Comments: 

My father, the one whom has loved me in dying of cancer.  I have spent so much time resenting and hating my ex in the relationship we had, I lost track of priorites.  May this reach my Dad in time.

I had hoped that this would reach my father in time for Father's did not.  He was not computer Literate, and my mother would have had to print it off for him.  He went into the hospital and died June 20th 2004, Father's Day.
God Bless you Keith Neifert.  I will always love and miss you.

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