At first,

On the surface,

All you see is eye candy,

And more eye candy...tits and ass for days.

And she's got skillz and then skills.

She's no stranger to working that VooDoo she does so well.

I'm sure many have caught hell.

If you called her a cock tease,

Or said you had blue balls,

You'd probably be right.

She's the new Viagra and a bag of chips.


There is a side of her,

That makes you think she's a "GOOD GIRL".

She sounds revolted by what you like,

But secretly, she's the one getting turned on.

She controls her decisions

Of whether she's going

To fuck you,

Or stuff you,

But she doesn't always let you know.

She has her own private world,

Where all her teasing halts,

All joking aside,

Where God lies first.

She dotes on her children,

Protective and fierce.

She is a Mama Bear,

Not a Mother Hen.

Whether you are her child or not,

"You will get right with it."

And if you are an adult,

And didn't know by now,

She'll help you get with the program.


She is sincere,

She is charming,

She is sweet.

She's BRUTALLY honest,

And can read between the lines.

She may be busy,

But she takes time to notice.

To offer the Lord praise for another day,

Her daughters insecurities,

A friends need.

She is generous,

But don't cross the boundaries with her.

You'll never get south of the border,

And you'll get pushed out the door.

Not without your five seconds to do the right thing.

She is demanding of others,

But demands no more or no less than herself.

Co-workers and friends alike.

Her standards are high,

They are set for everyone.

They are not set to expect failure,

But she knows that you can be a better person,

Every day that you live,

And eventually you will rise to the occasion.

"Vi, Vinni, Vicci"

Is her motto.

What she wants she gets,

She sees it,

Lays out the plan,

And conquers it.

Yet with all this...

Standards and Expectations she has of herself and others,

Can lend tears from time to time,

When life doesn't play fair.

She is one to admit when she is wrong,

For the most part,

And handles herself with style, elegance and grace.

She is not only a professional at her job,

But in her life also.

She is not vain,

But looking good is feeling good.

There is nothing wrong with confidence.

Modesty is one of her unknown traits.

There is a time for disclosure,

And a time when to do so would not be effective.

She says, "I'm a girly, girl."

I ignore the Valley Talk swing in her claim,

But she isn't a girl,

She's more woman than most can take on.

If you are not looking for solutions,

Then you are part of the problem...

And get out of her way.

She says,

"Watch out,

Because I'm a mother fucker you might not be able to handle."

If you question this,

You either like punishment,

Or ar smart enough to leave.

Cuz this broad don't take no shit.

She calls it like she sees it.

If it looks like a fish,

And smells like a fish,

It's probably a fish.

Like it, Lump it, Deal with it, or get the fuck out.

She is a woman on a mission,

Don't make her downshift,

Or she'll down size you.

There's no time for games,

Speak your mind, or stop using her air.

One thing is for sure,

When dealing with her,

You'd better come correct.

No players or player haters,

Check your crap at the door.

Drama is for the theater,

Not her life.

When she loves,

She loves hard,

And you will know it.

Don't beg or whine,

She ain't got the time...

"Where's my belt so I can whoop your ass."

She'll be the first to kiss a hurt away,

Show you your strength and inner beauty,

Never look at you in judgement or suspicion,

Unless you give her reason to.

"Play fair,

Play nice,

Do right,

And you'll be alright."

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