When I first met you,

I had nothing to fear.

You seemed self assured, honest and pure.

I grew to love you,

To my heart you became so dear.

Then one by one,

As the months came and gone,

Your life stories became so queer.

Things weren’t logical—they just didn’t fit,

And when I asked for clarity, you simply quit…

The spot I had for you in my heart, you piled full of shit.

You took my last name,

Played my emotions like a game.

You left me reeling,

Because I was believing,

That our value in commitment was the same.

Now, accounts all over town are messed up,

They ask me to change MY NAME—YOU SLUT!

I barely know who I am,

Because you turned my life into a sham,

And now you are just passing the buck!

I deserve me,

Deserve to be free,

Of the false ID,

On my phone listing…

My photo processing…

The account for my pet’s examining…

They say there are two of us…

But you know that is a Bust…

If you did what you said,

You took you last name back,

I want to put this nightmare to bed,

So hit the road JACK!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I spent nine months with a woman who said she was pregnant--(12 months)  That she had deprees that didn't exist, and a seven year old son whose father denies, and another friend who visited my ex and the "boys" father when they were together and con confirm that the kid didn't exist.  She legally took my last name, then told my best friend that she didn't think we'd work out.  I struggle everyday, not knowing what the hell was fact or fiction.  Now she is now claiming I am stalking her best friend and that I raped her.  She qualifies for the DSM IV "ficitious disorder", as well as "delusional" personality disorder.  In addition, I know she has on her medical records that she showed me, "PTSD, and delusionalism"--but I didn't understand what that all meant at the time...now I do.  I can also pretty much confirm she is also has a border-line personality disorder.  My life has so utterly went to hell in a hand basket, that I wanted to take her out and myself. My life is not worth her mess.  And I know as a relatively sane person, if this reaction can happen in me, one day she will be dead--she'll eventually run into a person who won't take it.  Yet, no matter how angry I can get, I feel sad over anyone who feels they have to live that way...that it's second nature and they don't even think about it.

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