I’ve wrote for three days,

nearly non-stop.

I’ve ran a thousand lines,

through my little peanut head.

Quips flew by me,

Like median hash marks in the middle of the

      R O A D.

“Important”, is a large word, with heft in it’s

      L O A D.

I’ve wrote fifteen pages,

Maybe that many more, un-penned.

Everything I could write about important things,

Kept spilling from my head.

So just this once,

I’ll try this…”less is more” approach,

And focus less on being profound.

Just when I thought all I could write,

     WAS  A   LIE.

I came into the right kind of luck.

I had wrote a dozen great beginnings,

But couldn’t minimize the bulk.

I guess,

Important things must happen in the now,

Not in the past or the future to come,

But how we commit our lives to experience,

when we look down the road and can’t see what our lives will..

      B E C O M E.

Originally wrote:  Mar. 8, 2003

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