LOST IN YOU

My jeweled Queen, whose treasures are hidden…

I beg of you, let me nibble through your tender roots,

That secure behind it,

The sweet and delicate folds of your goblet.

Oh my sweet, deep into you I have looked…

The path…

         Droplets of wine and oil that bead on your fleshy walls,

         Leading my lips to your gracious, generous, over-flowing earthen flask of silken goodness.

To my most High, how I am beholden to you…

               one simple sip,

               one tiny taste…

           And I AM GONE!

I am lost underneath your warm teaming walls—

         Never wanting to escape—

         This rich, heaven-forged quarry---

         Where every nuance of you lets me know…

I never want to leave this courtyard of Camelot again.

Originally wrote:  March 13, 2003

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This idea came from the Song of Solomon--the closest one can get to erotica in the Bible.

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