Wild Wind

Wild Wind,

Come home to me…

Intoxicate me with the scent of honeysuckle,

Linger on my lips like the kiss of a first love,

Let me remember you,

Your neckline, easy and fluid streams of a winding river.

The sally in your walk,

               As if you were a lazy mare in a long even glide along a split-rail fence.

                       Your tail whipping, whirling and whisking about,

Your rage can funnel with fury from the heavens,

       Like a bobcat piercing the dirt-like flesh of earth,

And yet be calm …like the suckling sound of a nursing babe

        Purring, between showers and the bend of rainbows.

I want to be caressed,  that way  you do,

       That thing so well,  rolling waves and tiny swells

             Atop the shaft, and husk to be gleaned,

                   Through the fields and between my sheets.

Wild Wind,  

Come home to me,

       Taunt me not within my daily visions,

Of the rippling waters at night,

        Filling river banks.

        That sounds like a tongue lapping at my skin.

Screams, screams, screams in my maddening dreams!

My eyes burn in the open sky,

       Wanting clouds to cover the troubles of my mind.

               As the heat of the noon day sun scorches…

                         THE REED

                         THE WILLOW

                         THE SOUL .

I Thirst inside, waiting for the moon,

         To hear the Nightingale’s song, with my friend Owl,

                The Lark, and the Loon.

As the only thing I look foreward to,

                      Is the cool mud,

                      Dragging my bones down,

                      ‘Neath the cool, cool waters.

Maybe, no ocean can hold my love for you…

And no heaven big enough for your desires,

        Yet in this world, YOU

        Never reach the sea,

        Never wrap your arms around me,

        Never to hold, nor to know,

What the pain is like to HAVE to let you go.

February 25, 2003

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