For 24 years, I've been sittin' by the radio,

Listening to songs come and go,

One hit wonders,

Plus Diva's like Tina, Celine, Janet, Aretha and Cher.

I've heard the melancoly strings,

Of love gone awry,

Of Mardi Gras psychodelic bliss,

In a gangster's paradise.

Of tears in beer,

Of angry women with tongue in cheek.

I've heard the tolling of bells,

And how the future is too bright,

You gotta wear shades.

Of a girlfriends betrayal in a centerfold,

And the only peace one can find is in microwave ovens and color TV's.

Love explained in dull throbbing heartaches,

Of an endless summer night,

Where I've had the time of my life,

Of ribbon's in the sky...

And yet, Love has been kissed deadly.

For myself,

There is no sound,

organic or synthesized,

No phrase, to harmonize,

The delicasies you weave throughout my being.

No analogy's, or quips,

No melodic drip,

No tongue tied speech,

No simple minded thing,

Can help me express, a feeling that is so beyond true blue.

My electric youth,

Should keep me flying like an Eagle,

Or turn me into a rolling stone,

Where the streets have no name,

And all I can do is sit,

In my silent lucidity...

I'm living something,


Than I ever thought God could create...

Your love amazes me,

Like a macarena of frenzied salsa...

In the city of Angels,

That raise me up,

Where I twist and shout,

And shake the sugar tree,

Learn to Boot'scoot'n'boogie,

And do the watermelon crawl.

I've seen doves cry,

In purple rain,

By smooth crimminals.

Stray cats strut by me,

Meowing thier Mambo number five...

Bringing me down tonight,

With their Zoot suit riot.

And I've pled...Dear God,

Don't let the sun go down on me,

I know the long and winding road,

Is filled with red, red wine,

But, when I look at you,

I cry....let it be.

I got, pennies from heaven,

Somewhere, over the rainbow,

On a manic Monday,

I started living my crazy life...

My fairytale...

With you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Lynn, I know you love me, and I love you, as unconditional as God can help me to do so.  Letting you love me can be hard to accept, but thank-you....My love may be bizarre and crazy, but it's true.

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