You get off Scott Free


They say freedom comes with a cost

And so it seems to me it has

It comes with the cost of loneliness

The cost of not being able to call you

The cost of misunderstandings

The cost of our eyes never meeting

The cost of your friendship

The cost of mine

The cost of carrying the burden

The cost of being the only one who knows

The cost of having to forgive you

The cost of not letting you back in

Oh yes, freedom comes with a cost

And I am the one who must pay it

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This is pretty relentless,

This is pretty relentless, but we both know thats the point lol. The repetitiveness of each line going over and over really drills it home but what I like about it is, that the line "Oh yes, freedom comes with a cost" breaks the repetitiveness, because its a brand new line, but it isn't really. Because its the first line if you see what I mean? Which makes it all seem a little sadder than it first did.

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kid you are my favourite!

kid you are my favourite!

yea I know what you mean, I do that alot, repeat first lines word for word or in kognito (did I spell that right?)

Much Love