I look at everything I am
The person I have become
This pain is like insanity
The love like going numb
I am filled with jealousy
I surround myself with spite
The moments all feel empty
And I cannot sleep at night

I look at those I push away
They haunt me even still
All the heroes hollowed out
All the lovers that I kill
So many attempts at failure
That I am frozen to this state
All that is left for me to give
Is cold bitterness and hate

I look at all you saw in me
A moment come and gone
I was holding a panic button
Permanently withdrawn
And the pain is like insanity
As it eats away at my soul
And I can never have it back
The emptiness you stole

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Thank you for opening my eyes

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I am reading through your

I am reading through your poems. I guess I am a fan =). I like your last lines. They are all very punchy. "The emptiness you stole" is an interesting paradox! and what is left to steal once the emptiness has been stolen? Hopefully there is something beyond emptiness.

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:) thank you love   I

:) thank you love


I have been told I am good with my in many areas of life :)



Much Love