I need you now



Clothing tossed in tiny piles; covering my bedroom floor
I have smelt everything, nothing smells like you anymore
Even your Green Keith’s shirt has been with me too long
I have tried to let you go but giving up still feels wrong
You thought you’d only be a tourment if you stuck around
But you are nowhere to be seen and still my eyes drown
Because lover or friend, here or gone, I feel the loss of you
No amount of crying, no amount of poetry will get me through
Because clothing is tossed in tiny piles on my bedroom floor
And nothing in my life will smell like you anymore



Author's Notes/Comments: 

I torn away all my walls to let you in and I still want to hear how your day was every night ebofre I sleep.

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lovebeinginlov3's picture

Very beautiful, yet sad. The sense of smell is actually the strongest because it triggers memories and deep emotions towards that memory. Good job here, & keep writing.=}

~perfect love~