I’m learning to fall with no safety net to cushion the blow

So be patient, be still

Give me time to adjust to all of this

Your honesty, your cruelty

Give me a chance to learn to breathe, to trust

I’m learning to walk on my own two feet, without a hand to hold

So be gentle, be kind

Give me a moment to stumble, to see

Your emptiness, your eyes

Give me the benefit of the doubt, the wise

I’m learning to love with no walls to protect me from pain

So be earnest, be sincere

Give me a reason to want this

Your passion, your disdain

Give me a reason to believe you, to care

I’m learning to do things I should already know how to do

So be forgiving, be tolerant

Give me some time to see what I need

Your support, your love

Give me what I have always given you, some faith

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Nicole.J.Burgess's picture

I don't know if it should be called retribution, but maybe. I also don't completely understand, maybe because you come so off as not being fragile, though i can definately understand you being so lol. It was good, a little long lined, but otherwise good.