Funny little things



When I was about four, My sister maybe six
You knitted us Christmas outfits, to wear for Santa Clause
When I was all grown up, My sister a married mom
I found those Christmas outfits, made for Santa Clause
I thought they were hideous
And I wanted to give them away

When you got sick, We didn't even know
And when I finally found out, time was numbered
When I went to visit you, upon your death bed
You couldn't even speak, because of all the drugs
That night after our visit
I cried for half an hour

And those tears wouldn't stop coming
Until I crawled out of my bed
Found that "silly" outfit
And wanted evey last thread



Author's Notes/Comments: 

I was so scared I had gotten rid of that outfit that when I found it I didn't want to let it go

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Nicole.J.Burgess's picture

I think this just may be on my top 5 of the best youve done in my opinion, it almost got me teary for gods sake. especially the last little bit,i wish you wrote like this more often