"Silence & Solitude"

Anger & Hurt

I scream in silence,

  for I cannot afford

  to voice the way I feel.

I cry in solitude,

because the price is too

high to let

others see my tears.

  And my emotions are overflowing.

I'm angry.

I'm bitter.

I'm scorned.

I'm hurt.

But I still bow down

and make room for

  even more sorrow.

I'm so tired.

But what can I do?

I erected these walls around

  my heart

With my own two hands...

Walls that are supposed

  to keep me from being hurt,

But instead only serve

  to hold it in.

So I bear it all in

  Silence and solitude,

because I cannot afford a voice.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

This is for every broken heart that I have had.

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jacki's picture

hey (again)
good one!

Gwen Samuels's picture

Hey! I definatley dug this poem, it kind of sums up the one major pain of heartache..loves a bitch :-\ heh, well ill be off now. Ill read much more of your poems