"Eventually Never Came"

I saw you yesterday

  and it all came flooding back.

The tender kisses, gentle touches

That I thought would be forever mine.

But forever always ends.

And it shocked me

To see you so...HAPPY.

And me hardly able to crack a smile.

It hurt me to see that you made it.

It hurt me to see that you've moved on.

But mostly it angers me

  that you were so careless with my heart...

  ...a heart that was already broken.

  ...a heart that was already stained.

  ...a heart that, hand it not been for you,

     would have healed...


But eventually never came.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

For Brandon W.

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Altora Bates II's picture

i like this one. breaking up is so damn hard to do...but sometimes it seems like its always easier for one of the parties involved than the other. Good work!

Wesley Junior Rigaud's picture

I like this piece, it is short and to the point;
it offers a melancholic vibe that i really apreciate.
Keep it up.


Jennifer Jordan's picture

Very nice poem! So real...it's the type of thing that people can relate to. Great style!

Rachel Perez's picture

I liked this one very much and I can say I have been in that situation. I can't wait to read more of your work.