Walking Poetry

I walked in a way

Where i was invisible to the human race,

unidentified to the human eye, 

blinded from ordinary minds.

I saw only what was ahead, 

but listening for what ever came next.

because in the world i live in, 

is a cage i would never fit in.

thinking nothing would  be different,

I didn't realize my vision was twisted.

Walking in grace.

Fast and in pace

A strange voice caught my eyes

his words stumbled into my life

Do You see that girl

moving through this world

So smooth so seductive

so tender so lucious

she is like walking poetry

shes walking poetry

I was taking back

Being acknowledged like that 

He pointed me out 

Everyone was looking now

yet I pretended I didn't care

or notice a compliment so rare

All In a matter of seconds 

my perception was melted











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Nice! Very ethereal!