Awestruck Love

sexy nerd

Your touch of sweet lips,

Moves my mind into limbo,

Thoughts become intangible,

And rational is lost.

I seem to trust your intentions,

As I fall into ovblivion,

I see my past, present and future,

While under your sweet spell.

This innocence is naught but love,

Seeking refuge in your heart,

Lighting my empty soul and broken heart,

Bringing back the me that I yearn to be.

Tho I feel so strong, I could still be wrong,

And should my emotion grow false,

I would be amiss to disengage from the 4 lettered promise,

And share more then love,

A heartbreak.

But from me a promise there will be,

When I am sure it is pure,

And my mind has no doubt,

I would share with you this awestruck love.

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Cari Albury's picture

You seem to adore the word 'oblivion,' as you've used it atleast 2 poems of yours recently.

I shall give you a very nice kiss upon your return...

For you, my dear, deserve it wholeheartedly.