Currently Speaking in Riddles

Inarticulate howls of pure rebellion,

Lead me to my hopeless attempt.

Hacking at the shackles of self oppression,

While societies standards dulling my blade.

Self expression feeding the fires,

Freeing the thoughts within.

Internally combusting emotions,

Fall through myself towards rage.

An infernous pit seething in turmoil,

Fills me completely and seeps into my being.

Modifications befitting the true self,

Are not manifestations of masochistic mutilations.

Finding deviancy the next stage of ascendence,

Standardized familiarity being a false truth.

Transcending the past is the current goal,

To not bewail what was,

But to hail what is and is coming.

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Cari Albury's picture

Hmm. I like it. Still trying to figure out what the hell you're saying though.