What I like about her...

1. Her eyes, and how they shine,

2. Her fair, and how it blows in the beach breeze,

3. Her smile, and how it makes me melt,

4. Her nose, and how it scrunches when I make a smart@55ed remark,

5. Her wit, and how she makes me laugh,

6. Her mind, and how she uses it wisely,

7. Her intelligence, and how she shows me up,

8. Her sense of fashion, and how she looks in that prom dress,

9. Her stubborness, and how she doesn't give up,

10. Her honestly, and how she made me be honest too,

11. Her innocence, and how wonderful that is,

12. Her thoughts, and how often they coincide with mine,

13. Her Drawing, and how she use it for others as well as herself,

14. Her writing, and the artful pieces she wrties,

15. Her dancing, and how even though neither of us could, how good it felt to dance with her,

16. Her goals, and how high they are,

17. Her talent, and how far she may go,

18. Her faith, and how true she is to it,

19. Her beleifs, and how strong they are,

20. Her intentions, and how good they are,

21. Her taste in music, and how she sings to Dixie Chicks,

22. Her arms, and how they feel wrapped around my neck,

23. Her body, and how it feels close to mine,

24. Her soul, and how it shines so brightly,

25. Her redneck side, and how she can't see mine,

26. Her good nature, and how refreshing it is to see one,

27. Her determination, and how strong it is,

28. Her hobbies, and how varied they are,

29. Her future, and how I hope to be in it,

30. Her past, and how that lovely little girl grew into a beautiful young woman,

31. Her smell, and how it makes me float,

32. Her grace, and how she glide as she walks,

33. Her pain, and how I wish I could rid it of her,

34. Her tummy, her cute little tummy, ;-)

35. Her taste in books, and how she could have come stright from a Peirs Anthony series,

36. How she feels while I carry her in the water,

37. How soft her lips are, and how they feel on mine,

38. How time stops when we kiss, and how I wish it would never start again,

39. and how she makes me feel, every second of every day...

OK, had to stop, I was misin' you more with every like...

Author's Notes/Comments: 

*picking pedals from a rose* She loves me, she loves me not...that's what this list reminds me of...don't know why, but it that werid?

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Jennifer Thimons's picture

When did you see my tummy??

::is blushing and can think of nothing else to say!!::