06 Inspiration

Life's Lessons

A long gone song,

Misleads to memory.

The heart grows light,

Yet darkness invades.

The once light play of voice,

Becomes an anguished scream,

Of torn innocence.

A spark intercedes the

Sickly screams of pain.

Sounds grow intense,

Yet somehow,

Less painful.

To express and remember,

To show, may others see,

Inside themselves.

Words coalesce into physical being,

Thoughts collide,

To reveal hidden meanings.

The spark grows dim,

The lesson learned,

The paper holds life.

A memory, in conscious thought,

Laid down for the eyes of all.

To explain, enlighten,

Enfold, embrace, enforce,

The Spark of others.

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Cari Albury's picture

I like it. :)