05 High School/ The Lesson Of Life

Life's Lessons

Friends abound,

in unknown quality.

Friends abound,

In unknown quantity.

Enemies past,

Grown greater in stature,

Not mental,

But physical.

Brutality, ignorance,

And the injustice of it all.

Plots stalk all peoples,

Mental tolerance,

And Physical inequality.

Life’s lessons unlearnt,

In ages of oppression.

The call of the vision,

The pain of defeat,

The misery of unknown,

The fall of compliance.

The misled called upon,

Reckoning made,

Reckoning met.

The Lesson’s of life,

Are chosen.

Newly opened paths,

Made ready by choice.

To follow the singular sight,

To cope with the Multiple View,

To find “TRUTH” and regret,

To follow the Spirit, and remember death.

To know of fury, and Live with what is.

To know that the Path before us,

We made for ourselves.

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Cari Albury's picture

I liked this one a lot. Very dramatic. Can I be your cheerleader, my dear?