The sock drawer

Giggle poetry

I’m a tiny haven; inside me are socks of all kind.
Some white, some black, some new, some foul.
They are made of different things; cotton, spandex, wool.
They have different patterns, hello kitty, hearts and skull.

Some are new and shiny, others old and ragged
Holes here and there, some heels sagged.
The new ones neatly partnered, folded two and two
The old ones are loners, around me strewn.

Protected still they are, my many different socks
Kept safe from dust and dogs and such.
I make no difference; to me they are the same.
I hold them in my belly until they’re being claimed.

So I don’t differ between old or new
I don’t care when they’re due
Whether bought used or from store
Cause I’m just a sock drawer

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Vixen's picture

Well written

Continue composing lovely poems.


“ Let the beauty of what you love be what you do."
                                                   ~ Rumi

Arwen's picture

Thank you Vixen. Right back

Thank you Vixen. Right back at you :)

I'm always lying, in fact, I'm lying to you right now.