I have been without you for so long,
I just wish everything wouldn't have went so wrong,
Sitting in the airplane wishing I was already home,
I couldn't help but write you another poem,

The day that we were both created must have been a very similar day,
Because we are so much a like together we could never stay,
But there are a few things that make us so far apart,
The biggest one that I see is the size of our heart,
you see mine is too kind and giving,
and yours is more about your free spirited living,
Both are really pretty inside,
But together they just simply colide,
But before we had time figure this out,
Loving you forever is all mine could dream about,
Now you have pushed me so far away,
By your side is the most difficult place I have ever tried to stay,
Even though your all I can think about every hour of my life,
It saddens me to know you will never be my beautiful wife,
If I could make one wish come true,
It would be to spend eternity with you.