We have been apart for what seems like eternity,
If I had just one wish it would be for you to love me,
My heart has never ending sorrow,
I'm always wondering if I will see you tomorrow,
Sometimes when your near me I forget about all the pain,
Then I have to take you home and my world becomes dark and full of rain,
Every day I pray and pray that God will lead you back to me to stay,
But my prayers seem to go unheard,
Because your heart never says a word,
When we are together it seems you are a million miles away,
And you never seem to have much to say,
It never used to be that way,
You always wanted me in your arms,
And made me promise that it would always be that way,
I would have thought by now my tears would be empty and dry,
But when we're apart it seems all I can do is cry,
I hope someday you will see,
That there is nothing more important than you being with me,
I told you when this first started that if I loved you it would be forever,
You said that you felt the same way,
But look at us today,
Apparently we don't love the same way......