Nature Around Us

As the sun slowly rises

over the hunter green

of the pines in the distance,

burning off the early morning mist.

Its slim fingers of gold

sparkle across the sleeping river,

like little flashes of light.

A cool breeze

accompanies the sun’s journey

calling good morning

to the life beneath.

The teal water

and the winged plumage

sleeping in the brush,

awaken and stretch.

I sit motionless sipping

my early morning brew

so as not to disturb

nature in its perfection.

I watch this picture unfold .

The sound of the water

lapping softly

against the multicolored

time worn stones

at the waters edge

lulls me to peace.  

If only life would be

this simple and pure,

and uncomplicated.

Obviously un added man,

touched only by

God’s almighty hand.

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