Nature Around Us


Awakened by the silence,

I tip toe softly out onto the terrace,

and descend the stone steps.

The damp dew on the grass,

tickles my bare feet as I steal down the lane.

The sculptured shrubs that appear a muted green,

this early morn, will come alive,

as the golden fingers of the sun

tenderly awaken each bush.

The sun has not yet risen above the tops

of the tall pines on my canvas.

A hazy mist hangs over the sleeping lake.

Not a ripple on its olive surface,

the glass mirror reflects the majestic trees

and the cerulean of the sky.

The magnificent silence is so loud,

I can hear the beating of my heart.

An ancient boulder

placed by the hand of God,

countless centuries ago is my regal throne ,

as I take my place at the water’s edge.

Awaiting Apollo’s journey across the sky.

Slowly and evenly, the warmth and brightness

of the sun slides down the back drop of my picture.

Gently awaking my masterpiece.

The tips of the mighty pines turn a deep hinter green.

The haze quickly lifts,

as the sunlight sparkles off the water

penetrating deep into its teal depths

rousing  the slumbering residents beneath.

The mighty eagle awakens

from his treetop home

and fly’s on the wind’s current

proudly surveying his domain.

I am warmed by the heat of the sun

as it lights my throne,

where I blissfully witness

this wondrous splendor unfold.

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