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Yes I'm a Christian, but please don't judge me by some title which is rather convenient to get across the generality of my faith. I don't judge you by a title so I'd appreciate the same courtesy :). I am a sister, a daughter, and a friend to those who would have me. I will not claim that I've had the best life, nor would I claim that I have had the worst. Everyone has darkness in their past and I am no different. I keep my chin up and smile the best that I can. I will not claim that I am the person I am now only through my own efforts. If I did not know Jesus I am sure I would be a completely different person, and so I am thankful that I do know him.

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I'll have to get back to you on that poem...

Favorite Stuff (poets, poems, quotes, hobbies, etc.)

I listen mostly to rock, techno, and pop but I'm bad with genres sooo that is mostly a guess :P.
I enjoy things like manhunt, swimming, paintball, and other random activities.
I am somewhat capable of drawing, painting, pottery, sewing, poetry, and cake decoration.
Things I love? Japanese culture, travel, singing, helping, and making others feel loved :).


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