Addicted to naked women, fucking busting a nut and smoking that marijuana and having threesomes with molly two beautiful women both naked in front of me, dancing to tease then get down on they knees I have no morals, I'm only here to please my immortal never ending thirst satisfaction of mortals fuck them for hours, so many drugs sometimes I slip and then show Godlike power, that's why they give me everything that I ask for, my needs are simple get me high and I'll open the door stay clean we'll fuck raw I'll show you true stars watch the sunrise from the moon then go get me a drink one sip two sips it feels good to be king. 

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My eyes are bleeding from

My eyes are bleeding from reading this. Take it as an opinion or not, but this is horrible. Please do me a huge favor. Take a very large consumption of the drugs that you mention. Since you're immortal and all I'm sure you'll be fine.