True Friendship

True Friendship

It was a peach of a world at the Antartida. The seal as usually pounce across the next piece of ice, demonstrating his friend, the whale, the mirthful day they could have without needing something else. The whale swam around where the seal was, showing his high spirits.  He loved to play and jump near the cost. The penguins were also close friends and tried to swim zooming as the seal did. The whale suddenly made a dalliance, as he tells to his friends how wonderful was to have friends as them.  The seal was exulting to catch some minnows for his friends to thank for the relationship they had demonstrated.

Suddenly the enormous waves had brought a big fishing ship to the coast.  The sailors were trying to acclimate to the weather, and maliciously they decided to throw their net to the sea. The seal while trying to find his prey, he felt an omen. He had been attached to the net. He was screaking, wishing that the whale could find him and save him; he was in trepidation to be killed.

The whale passed through and told the seal that he would be the breakfast of human beings the next morning and that he might not be able to help him. The whale wanted to be the only to stand up in the cost, and he thought that if he was that amazing as they said, he would escape by himself. The seal after listen him, he started to save himself trying to cut the net with his teeth, while watching whale swimming far away. After trying so much, a swordfish saw the poor seal tired and disappointed, and the seal abjectly ask for help.


The swordfish tried desperately to cut the net with his sharp sword, but he was unable. The penguin that could see what was going on, swam under the sea so fast as he could. He was supposedly be the weakest one of them, but with the help of his feet that made him move so fast, he scratch the net and finally cut it. After saving him, the three of them swam together for a while, and precipitously they run into the whale that was almost unable to inhale because he was trapped by a submarine. The whale asked for help, but the seal told the swordfish that he was the one that left him all alone in the net. The sword fish told the seal that revenge didn’t get them to anything, so they had the duty to help the whale, and continue their flawless friendship. 

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