A Trip To Earth

A Trip To Earth

In the year of 5813, earth had suffered a massive attack by asteroids, which unfortunately, had divided it into two spinning masses. This event not only changed earth’s morphology, but also its habitants. The part that, somehow got unattached, was about a forth portion of the size of earth that was called Gea. Gea was beautiful, just as Earth was meant to be, rivers flowing clear, forests so big and green, sea filled with life. People from Gea had learned that, since their part of the planet was not enough for all of them, they had to take care of it, so they had strict rules about the protection of it. They wouldn’t have too many children, all of them took care of their own farm, and there were no cities so pollution would not be concentrated in one place.  People from Gea were happy, they had no material attachments and there was not the necessity of them because they had everything they wanted to live comfortably.

On the other hand, Earth had kept most of the people when the asteroids crashed. People with economical possibilities had left earth and lived in big space complexes because people from Gea won’t let them live with them.

So earth was a dangerous, polluted and an anarchic place. There was no law, no rules, nor any kind of order. The only rule was to survive no matter what you had to do. This made people from Earth very aggressive, capable to engage combat, and to kill with no remorse.

In a corner of the universe, in one big space complex lived a family. Diego was the youngest, he had 13 years old, he loved to read, because TV was expensive and they only transmitted shows from before the division of earth, which he found them to be very boring. So these books talked about earth, Jules Verne was his favourite. Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, and Journey to the Center of the Earth were his bibles. He read them over and over again, he even dreamed about being one of the characters and had those adventures, but most of all, he dreamed about Earth, as it used to be, complete, beautiful and full of amazing things. Jules Verne couldn’t be wrong Earth had to be the most amazing place in the universe.

One time, the family depleted all of their goods and the only way to get more was returning to the planet. In their trip they realized that they don’t have enough fuel to get to Gea, so they have to go to Earth since it was closer to their location. When they got there, Dad told the family to stay in the ship because it was a very dangerous place but Diego didn’t obey and went behind him without being noticed. Diego was a curious and distracted little kid so while he has looking around, he lost track of Dad.

Dad returned to the ship and was about to leave Earth but then he realized that Diego wasn’t at the ship so he started to get really concerned about him so he left the ship again and started to search for Diego all around.

Since Diego was lost, he tried to find the ship again but in the meantime he got into a small city in which there was an old man who tried to convince him to go to his house for Diego to help him with some boxes he had to carry and for a reward, the old man would give him some candies. Diego accepted the invitation and start walking to the man’s house but what he didn’t know is that the old man was a kidnapper.

On the way to the man’s house Dad saw Diego and started to run after him, screaming and shouting his name but it seemed that Diego didn’t hear him. Dad got in the way and took Diego by the arm and told him to run as fast as he can to the ship with him. After they got into the ship he told Diego that he thought he will lost him forever and not to do that again and after that, they left Earth and returned to that corner of the universe in which the family lived with all the supplies needed for them to live a long life.

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