I wanted to go there because I didn't want to be here

and that is where I picked up a spark, in the chamber of my heart

to seek the luxury of overindulgence


I lived and tripped with every blessed breath of time

I thought I sought heaven, but hell arose in the shame of my chaos


I knew from the start that we would cause fire with our tongues

but I didn't know that we would blaze an inferno with our bodies


so easy it was for you with immature eyes

buying and trying with lucid lies


those lies hurt just for awhile; but the traffic of distractions kept my soul at bay


and then I got your text

and there you were standing outside my door

looking for more heat


I never wanted to just flash and burn

I tried for something tangible


but you always left me with the counterfeit stash of your existence


and you're stronger than I'll ever be


and whether I walk away or whether I 

r     u     n


a spark will flicker in the dark...for you



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Great work. I like he way you

Great work. I like he way you described, yourself I'm guessing or a part of you, as a spark that flickers in the dark... Amazing