Out of time

I sit here all alone deep in thinking holding this bottle of pills, I'm running low on time and I'm all out of will, I take the cap and throw into the pile of trash that lay on my floor, tears streaming from my eyes as if they're begging me to stop but my body doesn't listen, the bottles already on my lips, I'm in so much pain and nothing comforts me, so now I think back to my youth when I was happy and silently hope I feel that again, I hope I hear the voice of my mother, i hope to fell the warmth of my fathers embrace, I hope to smell the meals my grandma use to make me, I hope to taste the lips of the one I loved, these thoughts leave me as I realize that the darkness has consumed me, I hear nothing, feel nothing, smell nothing, taste nothing, and now I know that even in death there's nothing here to make me happy just everlasting sorrow

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