Star of love

It was dark, so gloomy outside

I ran across this endless darkness

day by day and night by night

but then through mighty sky apartness

the star appeared, so beautiful and bright

And petrified everything around 

looking at wonderful beauty

peaceful,mystical melody started to play loud

The star was shining like a ruby

One moment, and I drowned in the light

I couldn't hear anything around

I turned my head up - was perished night

fields of flowers had grown on the ground

The star exploded, The sun was rising up

no fear, no darkness and no rush

my soul came back to life spreading like syryp

and no more noises only hush

beautiful and sleepy birds started to sing 

how was amazed I by everything around...I couldn't find any words

small streams were born and mountain hills, so very spring

I feel so free and happy all because of the star, which brights my life up and sing me songs





Author's Notes/Comments: 

This star is you baby))))

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Woohoo!! I'm a star!!

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