One night a venomous visitor

slithered into bed with me.

His beguiling eyes bewitched me as

his sinewy shape swayed back and forth.

Whether he was a demon or saint,

I could not have cared less; so

I implored my seducer

to stay with me awhile.

He was gentle at first,

gliding across my breasts.

So locked in was I by the grip

of his enchanting gaze, that I but

briefly heard a hiss before

two forks began their dance.

His organ flickered around and about,

tasting every bit of my flesh.

My body shuddered with each caress

as he slinked his way down to my garden.

I was so entranced and

sweltering in the haze,

I did not see the serpent transform

when he reached my gates.

The room began to darken.As

his limbless form unfurled,

I beheld a monstrous shadow

stretching outward, blocking the light.

My chamber was black, save for two

burning pools that glared at me.

Their radiance revealed a mythic creature

hovering in fixed flight.

He reared up.  I prepared

to become his burning feast,

but the flame that he emitted

caused me to want this beast.

My lover rushed down to meet me,

my shoulders shackled by his wings.

As I lay chained to a lair of lust,

he entered into me.

His white-hot iron scorched my petals,

bringing sin into Eden.

He plundered my city

--tore it asunder,

reentering at will.

With each piston pounding motion

my lover pulled me to him.

The air that once sustained me

was on the verge of running out.

We delighted in our bodies

--the sounds and sensations of our intimate play.

His low-throated growl aroused

electrical currents that passed between us.

In the molten liquid so deep,

it finally occurred to me that

my winged master and I were one

--Adam melting into Eve.

A final battery of thrusts

from my master's brand

forced my dome  to rupture,

the pyroclast rolling down my slope.

My master arched his back, a roar of

rapture from his pit released.

Magma heaved forth from his loins

--the viscous fluid filling my cave.

His plated spine curved forward.  He blew

a tranquil breath upon my face.

We slept at last, my master's wings

secured around me in a kindred embrace.

Fran Hinkle


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