Princess (For Ivy [Revised] )

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Princess (For Ivy)

Where is

my seraphim,only-born?

How big you must have grown!

As I look into history's glass,

sapphire skies

stare back at

my own.

I often recall your very first breath:

A final heaving of my womb,

and the primal cry of life

forth from your

soul had


The universe welcomed you;

people gathered 'round.

A roomfull gave applause,

while I had offered

up my cries

of joy.

This day, and more

through the decades

have I treasured;

No morsel too

small to


But came that day when

I made a choice, to

Give you a better way.

Family thought me wicked.

Friendships so strong had

ended. But had I kept

you by my side, I

fear you would have

paid for it with

the bruising

of your


Will I see you again someday?

Have you remembered my face?

These questions tug at the

wells in my skies,

pulling the



Yet in this truth, great solace I take:

My princess has never been absent.

No matter where I am,

here by my side

You will



Fran Hinkle


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