A Royal Stinger In The Ass (w/severest apologies To E.Dickinson)

Poetic Parodies

A royal stinger in the ass

Collects his monthly rent----

You may have met one--have you not

His I.Q. seldom is----

His grin reminds of a retard---

Repairs are hardly made----

But when they're mended, they're half-assed

And upstairs sewage drips----

He likes those tanning sessions

"George Hamilton, Junior."----

Yet when outdoors and shopping----

I'm sure I've seen him pass

In postal truck, a dip-shit

Dumb blonde guy at the helm

too stupid to hang on, he

Was fired, no pension----

Several of his own people

I've met, and they've met me----

I feel for them a transport

Of insanity----

But never met this anus

Attended or alone

Without such indigestion

And in the Rolaids zone----


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Once again, this was another "excercise."  This
time, I decided to re-write
an Emily Dickinson classic,
and give it a sick twist of
my own.  A former english
professor of mine did this once as well, and it
"inspired" me to do the same.

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Drew Hammon's picture

I really liked this one! one thing though, do you have to used so many darn cuse words? kidding it was great